English Legal System

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Εκδότης: Oxford University Press

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How does the English legal system work? How does it affect everyday life? How well does it achieve its aims?Addressing these questions and more, English Legal System provides students with the fundamental knowledge they need to approach the subject with confidence. Packed with questions, case studies and examples, this book takes students on a journey, inviting them to read, understand, see the law inpractice, and think for themselves.The strongest foundation for students at the start of their study of law. This is a clear, complete, and contextualized account of the English legal system and an essential guide.Digital formats and resourcesThe fifth edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources.- The enhanced ebook offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with embedded self-assessment activities and multi-media content to offer a fully immersive experience and extra learning support: www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks http://www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/ebooks- The study tools that enhance the ebook are available as stand-alone resources for use alongside the print book.- These online resources include multiple choice questions, matching activities, guidance on reading cases, links to useful websites and third-party videos, as well as newly-made author videos. Lecturers can also access the figures from the book for use in their teaching.

ISBN: 978-0-19-285885-6

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