Terms of Use


The visitor/user of the webpages and services of the website www.totelio.com and its allias domains www.perizitito.com.cy (hereinafter called the Company’s website) is subject to the following terms, which he/she must read carefully. In case you are not in agreement with any of the following terms, do not use this website. 

The visitor/user of the webpages and services of our website has to abide by the rules ad regulations and of the Cypriot, European and International Law, and the relative legislation that governs telecommunications. 

The content of the Company’s website including indicatively but not restrictively any text, photographs, videos, graphics, designs, products and services are the property of the Company and are protected by the national and international conventions. 

Therefore, any reformatting, distribution, uploading, publication, republication, execution, formation, change, mirroring of sites of the content of the Company’s website are strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Owner. Permission is granted to print in hard copy portions of this site, for the sole purpose of placing an order with the Company or using this site for shopping purposes. 

The Company declares its commitment in ensuring that the personal data of its customers are protected and processed in a lawful manner. The Privacy Policy clarifies by which methods the personal data of the user of the Company’s website are collected and used, and the procedures put in place to protect such data. The collection and processing of the personal data of the user is carried out in accordance with the relevant National and European Community legislation and in particular in accordance with the European Regulation on General Data Protection (GDPR) No. 2016/679 and the decisions and acts of the competent Authorities.
The Company appreciates the importance of the safety of personal data of the user and has taken and put in place all the necessary measures taking into consideration the most recent and developed methods so that the personal data of its users are safely collected and stored to the maximum possible level of safety.
In the event of any breach of the safety of personal data of the user, the Company will take all necessary actions to notify the competent authorities and/or notify the user, whenever such notification to the user is in accordance the European Regulation on General Data Protection (GDPR), No. 2016/679.
Whenever the Company’s websiteis used, the Company receives and collects specific information. The information received and collectedby the Company dependsexclusively on the user’s actions while visiting the Company’s website. The content of the following paragraphs under numbers 3.1-3.12 inclusive, clarifies in an analytical manner the results of the user’s actions while visiting the Company’s website with regard to the information received and collected by the Company. 


Information received and collected automatically 

The Company receives and collects the following information: the domain name and name of the host, the IP address, the browser and operating system, date and time the user visits the Company’s website and the IP or electronic address used to connect with the Company’s website. This information is used for administrating the website, for analysis of trends and aggregating demographic information. The said information is inherent to the electronic nature of the Company.


Information collected via Cookies 

Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s computer hard drive during a visit to the Company’s website, which enablesthe Company to recognize the user, whenever the user visitsthe Company’s website using the same computer and browser. Cookies are used by the Company for completing specific functions, such as the function of language selection and the function account login by the use of the user’s username and password. The user has the option to enablehis/her browser’s setting of warning before accepting cookies or to disable the setting of accepting cookies. However, in the latter case, the user will not be able to use certain functions, such as using his account in the Company’s website. 
Cookies and Google Analytics
These cookies collect information with regard to the way the user visits the Company’s website. For example, which pages the user visits often. These cookies collect concentrated anonymous information which cannot identify a visitor. The set information is exclusively used for improving the Company’s website. 


Information submitted voluntarily by the user 

The user does not need to submit personal data, in order to navigate the Company’s website, or use the Company’s browsing services, shopping basket and rating system.

The user is required to disclose his/her personal data in the following circumstances: (1) when creating an account, (2) when filling in an order form, (3) when subscribing to the Company’s Newsletter, (4) Submitting a review on products on sale by the Company/Rating of products. 

(1) Creating an account: The user has the possibility to create a password–protected account, in order to submit an electronic order, to store items in the Wish List, to submit a Customer’s Review regarding products provided by the Company. For creating an account the user has to give his consent, which is free, clear and specific, give also the following personal data: name and surname and an e–mail address. The user is also required to select a a username and password.In order to avoid any unauthorised use or access to his/her account, the user should not disclose to third parties his/her username and password, nor write such dataon paper or keep them in electronic format. In case of disclosure of the credentials to a third party, the user has the obligation to notify immediately the Company. In the event of disclosure of the credentials to a third party by the user or due to the user’s action or ommision, the Company has no responsibility. 

In the event that the user wishes to modify his/her personal datathis can be done by the user personally, by selecting the relevant option which is to be found in the account administration pages. If the user so requires, he/she may also delete his/her account. For this to happen, the user must forward an email to the Compan’yemail address at [email protected]. The Company will delete the user’s personal data within a reasonable time.

(2) Filling in an order form: If the user has created an account, the user must use the account to fill in the order form. The data of this account will be used for the completion of the order form and the userwill need to fill in some additional data, such as billing and delivery address, as well as details for the issue of an invoice (Tax Number, Tax Authority, Occupation, Company Name) wherever this is necessary, a contact phone number, alternative delivery address (optional) and payment method. For the supply of the above mentioned additional data and for the submission of the order, the free, clear and specific consent of the user for the use of such data is necessary.

(3) Subscription to the Newsletter: If the user wishes to subscribe to the Newsletter, the user will need to provide his/her e–mail address and select the “Subscribe” button. Alternatively, the user has the option of subscribing to the Newsletter during the creation of his/her account. If the user wishes to stop receiving the Company’s Newsletter, the user can unsubscribe by following the relevant link that is included in the email confirming his/her subscription to the Newsletter and in all future Newsletters sent to the user by the Company. 

(4) User’s Review on products supplied by the Company/Rating of products : In order to submit a review for any of the Company’s products, the user needs to hold an account with the Company. If a review contains defamatory content, insulting comments, personal data (e.g. phone numbers) or if it is considered by the Company as negative advertising etc., the Company reserves the right to reject such a review and delete it from the Company’s website. The users’ reviews on product supplied by the Company and ratings on such products are personal views and opinions of the users and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Company, which under no circumstances could be held responsible for any of these views. 
For the submission of rating on products, it is not necessary to hold an account with the Company. 


Payment by the user by Credit Card / Debit Card / Prepaid Card 

Online card processing: For payments with Visa and MasterCard cards, the Company cooperates with JCC, which processes the electronic transactions with cards. If the user selects to effect payment by a Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card, the user will be re-directed to the JCC’s webpage, where he/she will be asked to complete the following details: card number and type, cardholder’s name and surname (as it appears on the card), expiration date and CVV2 (for Visa cards) or CVC2 (for MasterCard cards). If the user has registered with Verified by Visa, the user will be asked to enter his/her password and his/herpersonal message. In the event that a MasterCard SecureCode is used, the user will be asked to enter his/herSecureCode. 
It is noted that the Company does not collect in any way the user’s card details. Electronic transactions with cards are carried out in the secure system of JCC, through re-direction to the secure server of JCC and through transfer of the card’s details using SSL 128-bit encryption. 


Time period during which personal data are kept by the Company 

The user’s personal data are kept by the Company for as long as the user has a contractual relationship with the Company. In the event that the contractual relationship is severed for whichever reason, the personal data of the user are kept by the Company for whichever time period is necessary to settle any of his/her contractual obligations towards the Company. In the event that the user’s personal data has been used to invoice an order, the Company keeps in its electronic records, its Accounting Software and Enterprise Resource Planning System, all accounting and taxation documents required by the tax authorities for as long as this is required by such authorities 

User’s rights with regard to the processing of his/her personal data 

Each user may exercise each and all of the following rights by himself/herself, by selecting the relevant option: 
• The right of access – in order to find out which of his personal data is being processed by the Company, for which reason they are being processed by the Company and who are the recipients of such data.
• The right of amendment – in order to correct any deficiencies or inaccuracies of the data.
• The right of deletion (the so called right of oblivion) – in order to delete his/her data from the Company’s archives. 
• The right of restriction of the data process – in order to express his/her doubts with respect to the accuracy of the data. 
• The right of portability – in order to receive the data in a structured and commonly used format.
• The right of revocation of his consent for the processing of personal data – resulting, on one hand, to the finalisation of the contract entered into by the user and the Company, and, on the other hand, to the non processing of the user’s order. As also mentioned earlier above, no order can be processed without the processing of the user’s personal data.

It is noted that the exercise of any of the user’s rights is subject only to the premise that his/her data processing is no longer necessary for the purpose of completing any already undertaken contractual obligation of the user towards the Company. In this event the Company notifies the user by email of the specific reasons due to which the data are kept. In any event, the Company processes the finalisation of the tasks necessary to complete its tasks within 30 days, if this is possible. 

Security of the safety of the user’s personal data 

The Company absolutely commits itself to the security of the safety of the user’s personal data. To this effect, the Company applies all updated and appropriate technical and administrative measures for the purposes of processing data, the effective response of which the Company checks at regular time intervals. 

Disclosure of personal data to Company Departments and to third parties 

The user’s personal data are disclosed internally to the designated departments of the Company for the processing, packaging, invoicing and completion of the user’s order.
The user’s personal data may be disclosed and be available to third parties, natural or legal persons (e.g. courier services), with which the Company maintains at times contracts for the correct and timely completion of the order. In this event, however, the third parties, the natural or legal persons, process theuser’s personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing service to the Company and for the completion of the user’s order and not for any other purpose of their own, foreign to the processing of the Company’s work. At all times and at every disclosure of personal data, the Company takes every measure to ensure that the personal data being disclosed are the minimum required, and that at the same time that the prerequisites for the lawful processing of the data by the third parties are in place. 

Couriers: The delivery ofordered products to the Company’s customers is carried out by courier companies with which the company cooperates. To this effect, the Companydisclosesspecific personal data of the user such as the name, surname, delivery address and contact telephone number to such courier companies, to enable the delivery of the products and completion of the customer’s order. 

Non–disclosure to third parties 

Τhe Company declares that it does not rent, sell or forward any personal data of the user to third parties, without the user’s prior free, clear and specific consent to this effect. In the case of the disclosure described under paragraph No. 3.8 above, the user’s consent for the disclosure of personal data is given at the time of submitting an order, and the disclosure of such data is a prerequisite for the purpose of the completion of the order. 


Whenever the user opts or clicks on hyperlinks or banners in the Company’s website and as a result connects to third parties websites, the user is subject to the Privacy Policy Statement of those third parties. The Company is not responsible for the content of other websites and the actions of third parties, and urges the user to always read the Privacy Policy statement of all the websites that he/she visits. 

User’s Consent 

The use ofthe Company’s website by the user and the submission of personal data, presupposes the user’s free, clear and specific consent regarding the collection, storage and processing of his/her personal data, in accordance with the terms of the present Privacy Policy of the Company.The Privacy Policy is in agreementwith and is governed by the National Legislation and by the European Regulation on General Data Protection (GDPR), No. 2016/679. 

Modification / Update of the Privacy Policy 

The Company reserves the right to modify / update individual parts of this Privacy Policy, without obligation of prior notice to the user. The Company encourages the user to always read the Privacy Policy before using the Company’s website in order to be informed of its current release in the event of any modifications or updates.


The present Privacy Policy was last updated in May 2018. 

The Company’s website may contain links and descriptions in pages that are owned and maintained by third parties. The Company does not control the availability, quality and / or completeness of third party products or services and accepts no responsibility for any defects, errors or any other form of failure observed in these pages. The Company is not responsible for the content of external websites and third parties’ actions, and prompts you to review the privacy policy and terms of use of all websites you visit. 

For any problem that may arise during the visit / use of third party sites, the user should directly contact the respective websites and companies, which bear sole responsibility for the services provided. The visitor / user of these websites bears sole responsibility for the use of links and pointers of third parties. The Company has no responsibility for communicating the user / member with third party service providers advertised on The Company’s website for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them. 

The product information, technical specifications and their photographs, which are published online on the theCompany’s website, come from associates, suppliers or manufacturers. The Company is not liable for possible omissions, errors or any other missing data in this information. The Company is not liable regarding their content. The products’ photographs are indicative and cannot be binding for the Company. 

The product prices are in euro and include the respective VAT and all the legal additional taxes, depending on the product type. The delivery costs are not included in the prices and are added to your order depending on the delivery type and shipping address. The delivery costs are indicated during the order submission, before the customer accepts them and completes his/her order. The Company has the right to adjust the prices without prior notice, but is committed in applying the quoted price during the order submission. 

For product delivery to the countries of the European Union and according to the sixth (6th) EU VAT Directive, prices include the VAT that is applicable in Cyprus.

The Company issues invoices for product purchases conducted through its website. For companies or self–employed and in order to issue an invoice, the following additional data is required: Company name, Tax Number, Tax Authority and Occupation. 

The customer has no obligation to pay for his order unless he/she receives a legal Invoice. 

The Company is not responsible for potential shortages of products by the supplier, with regards to availability of specific products. In case a product is unavailable, then the Company will notify you by e–mail within seven (7) working days, in order to inform you about the possible date it will be available. If a product is unavailable, we can suggest a similar product. In case the new date that the product will be available does not satisfy you and you do not wish any of the previous choices, you can cancel your order and ask for money refund according to the terms of paragraph 12 in these Terms and Conditions. The Company is not obliged to offer any additional compensation. If there are some products in your order that are available and a product that is not, we undertake to deliver the available products and to act in accordance with the foregoing actions. The additional delivery of the temporarily unavailable products will not carry any additional delivery costs. 

Goods are delivered at the delivery address you have indicated when submitting your οrder, and according to the delivery times that are mentioned, for each kind of product and for each geographic area. The delivery times are indicative, they are subject to product availability and are based on information provided by the courier and the Cypriot Post. The Company is not liable for modification of these times due to late delivery by the courier or force majeure events. The Company reserves the right to re–adjust the delivery costs without any prior notice, but is committed to applying the written price during the order submission.
The products travel on the customer’s behalf. Until their full payment, the products remain in the possession of the Company. Fixed time for the delivery of products on the part of the customer is not accepted. Cash on delivery is accepted as a payment method only for deliveries in Cyprus, and does not apply to deliveries abroad. In cases where the weight of the order or the dimensions of the package exceed the limits set by the courier, we reserve the right to split the delivery into smaller packages. 
Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check the delivered products. In case of any errors, the customer must inform the Company immediately, by e-mail to [email protected] or by phone on (+357) 22349937, describing in clear words what the problem/error is. Additionally, the customer should send to the Company within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of delivery, a detailed description of the problem/error by e-mail to [email protected]
In case the customer refuses to accept or is unable to receive a product, we reserve our legal rights for reimbursement of the loss we might have suffered and the cost of delivery. If the products are returned to the Company due to false or incomplete address, the delivery costs cannot be returned. If additional delivery costs occur, the Company may apply additional charges to the delivery costs. 

The viewing and reading digital / electronic books (ebooks) is purely made in the user’s PC or some other device digital reading. Reproduction of digital forms received by the user in several copies for each one of them as otherwise making available of all or any part thereof to a third party with or without consideration is strictly prohibited. 

The content copyright and any digital material in digital / electronic books (eBooks) belong exclusively to their publishers and authors. 

This situation does not give under any circumstances a right to the user for disputing the price paid. 

The Company has no liability for malfunctions that may occur on the user’s personal computer or digital reading device, from bad or incorrect use of the product offered, and malfunctions that may occur due to the digitized form of digital / e-book (eBook) received by the user. 

Change, cancellation or return of any digital products (digital / electronic book (eBook) or digital audio book (Audiobook)) is not permitted. Το legal document (Invoice) from the purchase of digital / electronic books (eBooks) is sent electronically to the email address stated by the user in his order. 

In cases of force majeure (e.g. strikes, weather conditions etc), where the Company cannot fulfil your order in the specified time period it has set, we will contact you to confirm whether you wish us to carry out your order under the new circumstances and within the new time frame. 

In case of return of a product by the customer, the return is accepted by the Company only if the product is in perfect condition, the packaging of the product has not been opened or unsealed, it is not soiled or altered, or is in a condition beyond its original one. In order to return a product, it is necessary to send an e-mail to [email protected], within ten (10) days from the date of delivery of the product explaining the reasons for retrun. the Company does not accept, permit or have any liability for returns that are carried out beyond the ten (10) day time period from the date of the delivery of the product.
In case of a damaged or defective product, the product is sent directly to the manufacturer/supplier. The Company does not have any liability for damaged or defective products or bad quality of products distributed. All products are received, packaged and sealed by the suppliers. Nevertheless, you retain all rights mentioned above. 
If a product that does not comply with the above rules is returned to the Company, then this product will be returned back to the customer, and the delivery costs will be charged to him. 

Cancelling an order can be executed only if the process of invoicing has not commenced. In order to establish at what stage your order is, and see whether you can cancel it, you must select “Order History”, search for your order. If your order has not passed the invoicing stage, you can cancel the order given that you send an e-mail to [email protected]. In case of cancellation, and having been informed of the cancelation an e–mail message will be automatically sent from the Company, to confirm the order’s cancellation. 

In case of money refund, the amount is paid with the same method used for the product’s payment, within fifteen (15) days from the day of its receipt to the address of the Company. In case of an order cancellation, the refund is given within fifteen (15) days from the date of the cancelled order confirmation. 

According to EURegulation 524/2013 and Law 133 (I) / 2013, a possibility is now offered to solve online consumer disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure throughout the European Union. 

If you are a consumercustomer who has a complaint about goods you have purchased online from the Company’s website, and you have already exhausted the Company’s own customer complaints process, but have been unable to resolve the dispute satisfactorily, you have the legal right to submit your complaint via the ‘Online Dispute Resolution’ platform set-up by the European Union.

To access the platform, please click on the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

The guarantee of products that appears on the website of the Company is the one that each manufacturer indicates and provides for the particular product.The Company does not offer any additional guarantee, except where it is specifically mentioned. 

Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards 

The customer’s credit/ debit/ prepaid card is debited only for the specific transaction for payment of the purchase of products from the website of the Company. The credit/ debit/ prepaid card is not charged before sending the products. 

The Company does not collect or store in any way your card details. The card payment process is performed through the redirection to the system of SIX PAYMENTS. 

When you pay with a credit/ debit/ prepaid card, your personal details are verified and the Company has the right to request or demand additional information for confirming your purchase. If there is any suspicion of fraud or fraudulent use of the credit/ debit/ prepaid card or any other fraudulent action on your behalf, the Company has the right to cancel the transaction. The Company has also the right to cancel any order, believed to have been made by using fraudulent means, or providing false details. In the case that this action causes any form of damage, of a moral or financial nature, The Company will proceed with any action necessary to reserve its legal rights. 

Bank Deposit 

The deposit or transfer of the amount of the order in one of the Company’sbank accounts must be made within seven (7) days from the day of submitting the order. After the lapse of this time period, the order will be cancelled and the Company will not process the order. 

Payment by bankwire transfer is not permitted at the present stage. In the case that a bankwire transfer is made, we reserve the right to charge the sender all bank costs that may occur due to this transfer. 

Cash on Delivery 

Only cash is accepted when paying on delivery. Cheques are not accepted. Cash on delivery is only applicable for deliveries in Cyprus and only for orders that do not exceed two hundred and fifty (250) euros. 

The Company’s Gift Certificates are valid for a year from the date of purchase and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. After the completion of this period, Gift Certificates are considered invalid and cannot be used. 
Gift Certificates can be used exclusively in our the Company’s website and for any of the Company’savailable products. 
Gift Certificates cannot be used for purchasing other Gift Certificates or in combination with other discount coupons. 
An invoice will be sent to the sender’s/buyer’s (customer) billing address by mail. In case the Gift Certificate’s amount exceeds the order’s amount, the system stores the remaining amount and can be used in a future order, within the specified time. No money refund is given. Gift Certificates can be purchased by using a credit/debit or prepaid card or by depositing to a Company’sbank account (cash on delivery is not supported). If the payment method is a bank deposit, the procedure of sending an e–mail message with the Gift Certificate ID to the recipient, begins upon receipt of the bank deposit slip from the sender/buyer (customer). 
Gift Certificates are sent by e–mail to the electronic address that the sender/buyer (customer) fills in when creating the Gift Certificate. The Company is not responsible for possible errors that might result from sending the Gift Certificate and which are due to wrong completion in of the email address by the customer or due to any other problem which is not the responsibility of the Company (e.g. inactive e–mail account or full inbox). If a false recipient email address is given, and the email message is returned to our system, we will inform the customer via email and will take all the required actions for resolving the problem. 

The Company may offer discount coupons for marketing and promotion purposes. Discount coupons cannot be used for the purchase of gift certificates or in conjunction with any other offer. In any order only one discount coupon could be used. Discount coupons cannot be exchanged with money and are valid for a specified time period. 

The Company has from time to time different special offers, which apply only for a limited number of items. We update are website and our prices frequently, but in case we run out of a specific product, we could not be held responsible and we cannot compensate. 

The personal data you submit, including your name and address, are protected with the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and are encrypted with 256-bit, the most advanced security standard at this moment, before they are sent via the Internet to us. The Company owns an authenticity certificate by the internationally acclaimed company GeoTrust, which certifies that its SSL protocol is genuine and authentic, confirms our company’s identity and our electronic address (URL), and encrypts all the personal data which are submitted to our webpages. Whenever you use secure pages, the electronic address on your browser must start with https:// instead of http://. Also, on the status bar of your browser, on its right bottom part, a yellow locked padlock must appear which confirms that you are in a secure environment, and which you can select, in order to see information regarding the certificate. 

Online card processing: For payments with Visa and MasterCard cards, we cooperate with JCC, which processes the electronic transactions with cards. If you select Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card, as method of payment, you will be re-directed to the bank’s webpage, where you will be asked to complete the following details: card number and type, cardholder’s name and surname (as it appears on the card), expiration date and CVV2 (for Visa cards) or CVC2 (for MasterCard cards). For additional security and in order to minimise the risk of fraudulent use of cards in electronic transactions, Visa and MasterCard have developed the 3-D SecureTM protocol, which adds an extra level of security, by enabling the use of a personal security code by its holder, during the execution of transactions. In this way, it is confirmed that the card is used by its true holder. 

It is the Company’s primary aim to protect the safety of its customers, by incorporating the most advanced electronic payment systems, which enable the execution of secure transactions and the completion of electronic purchases in a quick and easy manner. As a part of its security policy, the Company offers the services that adopt the 3-D SecureTM protocol, through its cooperation with JCC, one of the few Cypriot banks which have adopted this new model (3-D SecureTM), and encourages its customers to register for the new services, in order to strengthen the security of their payments with credit/ debit/ preapaid card, for purchases via the Internet and reduce the cases of fraudulent use. 

Cardholders can register and use the Verified by Visa και MasterCard Secure Code services, if the bank or organisation issuing the card has adopted the 3-D SecureTM protocol. If this condition is fulfilled, the cardholder needs to visit initially the official website of Visa or MasterCard, depending on its card type, and follow a simple registration procedure. After completing the card’s details, his/ her address and some additional personal information: a password/ SecureCode (only for Visa cardholders), this information are confirmed by Visa or MasterCard and the registration procedure is completed. Afterwards, the details of the cardholders that have registered for these services are added to the central catalogues of the certification authorities. Each time that the registered cardholder makes an electronic transaction with his/ her card, except for the usual card’s details, he/ she will be asked, as an additional security measure, to enter his/ her personal code and message, with the precondition that the website he/ she uses for his/ her transactions supports the 3-D SecureTM standard. TheVerified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode services are offered by the Company, through its cooperation with JCC, and appear by special signs, which offer additional information, on its webpages. Please note that, in the case of customers which either have cards that do not support the services Verified by VisaandMasterCardSecure Code, or which have not registered for these services, payments using cards are completed, without using the additional security code. 

The Company does not collect or store in any way your card details. Electronic transactions with cards are carried out in the secure system of JCC, through re-direction to the secure server of the bank and transfer of the card’s details using SSL 128-bit encryption. The 128-bit SSL is the standard in the area of e-commerce. For secure commercial online transactions. 

The last update of these Terms and Conditions has been on the 01/05/2018. The Company reserves the right to modify or correct the Terms and Conditions at any time and to update its website with any changes. 

The present Terms and Conditions are subject to Cypriot Law. For any difference or variance that might arise the Cypriot courts shall have the jurisdiction to resolve any dispute between us.